Church Reborn in Christ makes megabatism with 500 people


The Church Reborn in Christ, led by the Apostle Hernandes and Bispa Sônia Hernandes, held a megabatism, on Saturday morning (24), with about 500 people in the Big Riacho, Billings Dam area located in São Bernardo From the countryside, city of the metropolitan region of São Paulo.

The event, called \”Jordan Feast\”, was recorded by the Church on social networks. On the page, the Renascer profile highlighted that, only throughout the pandemic, there were more than 2,000 people baptized by the Church.

One morning full of the anointing and presence of God continued in this apostolic move. There are more than 2,000 baptisms in the middle of the pandemic – highlighted the profile.

On his personal page, Bishop Sônia Hernandes thanked for the moment and declared that baptized people \”have been reborn\” and now \”have come to live a new History. \”

Two thousand lives who have reborn in Christ and have come to live a new story !!! Glory to God for each of youS – wrote.

The apostle Estevam, in turn, also recorded megabatism and said that \”there are no words\” to describe the more than 2,000 baptisms in the pandemic.

Hundreds ofPeople baptized history of saved lives, there are no words, more than 2,000 lives in the pandemic.Jesus Our Lord – Complete.


Brazil, USA, Egypt, Hungary, Uganda and Indonesia are in a statement against abortion


Six major nations have allied themselves to establish a declaration in conjunction of favor of the family as an essential role for society.

One of the manifestations is openly positioned against policies that establish abortion.

] The document, which receives the name of ‘Geneva Declaration’, was signed in Washington / DC.

In the text in question, Brazil, United States, Egypt, Hungary, Uganda and Indonesia left clear its principles.

Ministers Ernesto Araújo (International Relations), and Damares Alves (Women, Family and Human Rights), participated by a conference of the ceremony transmitted virtually.

\”We celebrate that the text From the declaration now signed Consecrant to the lack of a right to voluntary pregnancy interruption, as sometimes stated in certain international forums, \”said.

Ernesto also highlighted the importance of preserving life since his conception. [123 ]

According to him, here is the \”duty dand protect human life from conception.We categorically reject abortion as a family planning method, as well as any initiative in favor of international abortion law. \”

Video shows dozens of Christians are baptized in Bangladesh


Partners of the open doors in Bangladesh registered the moment when dozens of Christians baptized. Despite know that it is likely to face persecution because of Jesus, they have not feared and participated in the Christian ritual. See below the moment of baptism (the images of Christians were preserved for safety).

In the country that occupies the 38th place in the World List of Persecution (LMP) 2020, Christians that are converted from Islamic or local religions They should meet in small churches or secret groups due to the risks of attacks. Jesus followers face persecution and can be rejected by families and until they are expelled from the villages they live in.

The situation may be worse for Christians who belong to minority groups such as Rohingya. For they are harassed because of ethnicity and also for the Christian religion. The northern region of Bangladesh, such as Chittagong Hill Tracts, with its various ethnic minorities, is a couple access pointThe persecution of Christians in the hands of both Muslim and Buddhist minority.

As Chakma, Tripura and Marma are tribal groups, ethnic antagonism is mixed with religious nationalism.This means that the new tribal context Christians are being forced to follow the antique norms and values of the community, whether religious or not.

Relief for Christians of Bangladesh

A Covid-19 and Cyclone Amphan increased the vulnerability of Christians in the country.Many are neglected from government aid and pressed back to Islam to receive help.Your prayer and contribution are fundamental so that open doors can watch them.When donating, you assist in the distribution of food, sanitary materials and other basic needs of Christian families.

Reality comes to an end after many lives are delivered to Jesus


On Monday (26) the retreat, the greatest reality with Christian tiktokers in the world has come to an end. The first place stayed with MyLena Mariano, 16. Paraense makes evangelism among young people and has already won many lives for Jesus. In addition to her, Tiktokers retreat had 31 participants from various regions of Brazil.

The reality was idealized by the Evangelist Guilherme Batista, 30 years old. Guilherme is from the Assembly of God Campinas Campinas in Goiânia. The man’s main goal was to show the lives of young Christian teenagers to inspire other young people. In an exclusive interview with the full .News, he spoke of how the project appeared, made an assessment of the repercussion and commented on the criticism.

Who is Guilherme Batista? It’s a guy who has the purpose and purpose of helping. I think our generation needs a spiritual father who directs the youngest. That way they will suffer less in the middle of the walk, they will catch less. I decided to use what alreadyI surrendered to be able to make others lose less in the middle of the way. They have.

Why did you choose the reality show format? By the same name, everyone already has that reality conception by seeing Big Brother, the farm. Reality means reality, then our idea was to show the reality of these Christian young people and adolescents for other young people and adolescents. To see that none of them are using drugs, drinking, making a spree, none of this. Everyone is seeking that their reality is against the presence of God.

Why focus on Tiktok? Tiktok is the growing social platform and she chose and valued adolescence. Teens had so much strength on other platforms like YouTube, Instagram and Twitter. Then came Tiktok and hugged these teens. We have adolScratches with millions and millions of followers.

How was the choice of participants? The retreat was very inclusive, we started selecting who was already a reference. So we had teenagers with millions of followers, the most influential. We also chose references in some areas, Gabi in dance, Macedinho and Ed in the mood. All of course with Christian content. Some also went through being simply creators and others by popular vote.

Have you been afraid of criticisms? You can do something basic prayer that will criticize. We need to learn how to deal with criticism, they happened, but they were minimal. I think God prepared the time and the right time for criticisms to be minimal. I think people understood the purpose. Some criticized for being reality, but as I said, reality means reality and the idea has always been to show the reality of a young Christian in the presence of God.

How did you put your feet in the retreat for the first time? It was something new.Everyone is already accustomed to church camp, but at the same time it was the same, it was different. It was a church camp, only the participants were the most influential in the nation.

How do you evaluate the public’s return? It was one of the most incredible things. We hit an average of 8 thousand people every live, more than twice that we imagined. The numbers were incredible, but what more drew attention was the number of people delivering life to Jesus. We had 200, 300, 400 people accepting Jesus live. This made people understood that the purpose was much higher than simply producing content.

What lesson do you take from this experience? I think one of the greatest lessons is the importance of discipleship. The importance of having someone taking in hand and helps walk. Many pastors do not know what Tiktok is, they do not understand the proportion and grandeur that each of them have lived. God is entrusting a responsibility in the hands of JovENS and we need to help them.Today I am 30 years old, but it is almost 14 years dealing with young people, so today I divide my experience.

How not to become a hostage of technology and status of fame generated by social networks?It’s very worrying.Technology can be both a blessing and a curse.Only this is not Guilherme, it is not the pastor, it is not the leader of young people who will determine in the life of the teenager and the young man.It is he who will determine how he uses it.The great differential is that the participants decided to use the Tiktok, Instagram and YouTube platform to bring the Kingdom of God.Then, while thousands of teenagers chose to use them in a normal way, those here decided to use it for his message to be more and further.


Biggest evangelistic event of the country will have carata and show drive-in in SP


The 28th edition of the march for Jesus, the largest evangelistic event in Brazil, will have the format adapted to respect the recommendations to combat the new coronavirus. Among the main changes are the new character format and the realization of a drive-in show.

The event will occur on the holiday of the Finados, Monday (2), will begin at 2:00 p.m. and should extend until at 5pm. The faithful, within their cars, shall leave the Ibirapuera Obelisk, southern Zone of São Paulo, and will go towards the Anhembi exposition pavilion in the North Zone.

The goal will be to pray for Brazil and collect donations For needy communities such as hygiene products, clothing and food. During the route, six electrical trios with gospel bands will accompany the careat, and the event will end with show-in show limited to 1,500 vehicles previously registered. The organizers also made available on the site, a registration button to participate in the careat.

Among the confirmed attractionss to participate in the event, are the singers David Sacer, Midian Lima, Bruna Karla, Isadora Pompeo, Gabriel Guedes, Mariana Valadão, Ton Carfi, Daniel Berg, Sarah Bia and Leandro Borges, Beyond Coral Kemuel, Bands Reborn Praise, HouseWorship and cube.

In this edition, the event will be transmitted via YouTube and Facebook, through the Television Network and Gospel FM radio.

The collection of donations will be at the Legislative Assemblyof the State of São Paulo and will begin to receive donations from 10am.

In the previous edition of the event, in 2019, 3 million people attended the march, including President Jair Bolsonaro and the State Governorof São Paulo, João Doria.

RMC highways await at least 676 thousand vehicles on the holiday of Finadas


Balance Includes estimates of movements in the Dom Pedro runner and on the Santos Dumont (SP-075) hallway. Highways of the Campinas region (SP) are expected to move from at least 676 thousand vehicles between this Friday (30) and Monday (2), when the holiday of the Finadas is celebrated. The balance considers the sum of data provided for by the concessionaires administering the corridor D. Pedro and Santos Dumont (SP-075), as other companies did not disclose estimates.

The concessionaires administering other important highways Cortam the region, such as Campinas-Mogi Mirim (SP-340), journalist Francisco Aguirre Proença (SP-101) and the Anhanguera-Bandeirantes system, did not disclose the estimates of number of vehicles.

The absence of Estimates occurs in meeting a request from the State of São Paulo Transport Agency (ARTESP), which calls for administrators to stimulate drivers to leave home only if necessary.

The route of flags estiThe passage of 505 thousand vehicles on the highways that form the Dom Pedro corridor. The expectation is that the increase in the flow occurs from 16h of this Friday (30).

The largest movement is expected in Dom Pedro I (SP-065), route of connecting the region to the North Coast and for fields of Jordan (SP), with the passage of 415 thousand vehicles. At Professor Zeferino Vaz (SP-332), 90,000 vehicles are awaited.

The concessionaire guides drivers to avoid unnecessary trips, due to the coronavirus pandemic. In addition, it reinforces the need for masks, including in the passage through the cabins of the toll squares.

In case of need for help, drivers can trigger the route by telephone 0800 770 8070.

123] According to AB Hills, the expectation of vehicle movement on the holiday of the Finade is 171 thousand on the Santos Dumont Highway (SP-075). The peak times at the exit and return of the recess were not informed.

About Covid-19, specifically, the hills reported that it will distribute informational material for drivers. The general guidelines include the reinforcement of the request for highway users to use the seat belt and respect the speed limit.

In emergency cases, the concessionaire can be triggered by 0800 703 50 80.

The Renovias Concessionaire, which administers the Governador Adhemar Pereira de Barros (SP-340) highway, known as Campinas-Mogi Mirim, reported that he did not disclose an estimate of number of vehicles and peak times on the highway in this holiday .

between this Friday (30) and Monday (2), what the concessionaire will do on track are awareness actions for drivers to stay at home. The initiative includes the provision of guidance on coronavirus, delivery of pamphlets, facial protection masks and 70% alcohol, as well as message panels. The importance of using the seat belt will also be addressed.

TheS drivers who need help on the highway can trigger renovial users (SAU) at 0800 055 9696. The connection is free and the number serves links 24h.

The Tietê highways, Administrator From the motorway Journalist Francisco Aguirre Proença (SP-101), reported that it will not disclose an estimate of vehicles and peak times on the highway on this holiday. The dealership stresses that guidance is that in the midst of Covid-19 pandemic, just leave home users who actually need.

The CCR Autoban Concessionaire, which administers the Anhanguera-Bandeirantes system, did not disclose a Estimation of how many vehicles should traffic through both highways in the recess. Peak periods are: On the way out, between this Friday (30), from 3pm and 20h, and Saturday (31), from 8am and 14h. On the back, on Monday (2), at age 14:00 a.m.

Autoban warns that on Sunday (1st) and Monday (2), between 14h and 22 hours, the trucks captainAl by the Bandeirantes Highway (SP-348) should use Via Anhanguera (SP-330) in the excerpt from km 48 to km 23, between Jundiaí (SP) and São Paulo (SP), accessing the highway by Bandeirante exit 48.Deviation aims to improve traffic distribution.

Due to the pandemic, along the holiday, the concessionaire reported that teams will measure the driver temperatures, they will distribute alcohol on gel and provide information on the prevention of Cuvid-19.The route security operation will have relief vehicles and informative panels.

Drivers who need help can trigger administrator by CCR Autoban dial, which works at 0800 055 5550.

Impact of Protestant Reform in Church History


Check below 12 key moments to understand the impact of reform, published by BBC History Magazine by Diarmaid Macculloch, Church History Professor at the University of Oxford.

1 1517: Luther confronts the Pope

Martin Luther, a devotee Augustinian friar and a university professor in Wittenberg, Saxony, North Germany, launches an attack on the indulgences, which the Catholic Church requires the faithful to shorten the time In purgatory after death, before entering the sky. He describes a criticism in 95 theses to question the theology of salvation adopted by the Church.

For the surprise of Luther, his initiative arouses enthusiasm across Germany. Discovering a gift for popular communication – although I have not published practically nothing before – he begins to write a series of pamphlets and books explaining his ideas. Western Church hierarchy sees this as a threat to your authority. The two sides speak with OPOST purposesLuther on salvation, obedience authorities.

2 1519: Reform spreads through Switzerland

In Zurich, Switzerland, hundreds of miles south of Wittenberg, a prominent priest called Huldrych Zwingli begins to preach through the Bible. His message that God alone is in charge of salvation also challenges the official teaching of the Church in a wide front. He triggered a retirement in Zurich, then in many parts of Switzerland and southern Germany – a reform that is parallel to Luther, but not identical to it, and does not comply with Luther’s authority.

\” 3 1520: Roma condemns Luther’s disobedience

At this point, Luther and the Rome authorities are on a collision route. While he reinforces the biblical vision on salvation, echoing the writings of the apostle Paul and Augustine of Hippo, Catholics leaders are furious by Luther not to obey the orders to shut up.

The Pope emits a solemn pronouncement (a \u0026 #8216; Bula \u0026 # 8217;) condemning Luther and his disobedience. Luther destroys him in a public demonstration and writes three classic works establishing an alternative structure of Christian thought, centered on \u0026 # 8217; He states that faith is a gift from God through grace and that this is the only way to gain salvation. There is nothing that the Church can add to this, much less the imposition of indulgences.

4 1521: Luther remains steadfast in front of the emperor

Summoned to meet the Roman Emperor Sacro, Carlos V, in the German city of Worms, Luther did not want to retreat. \”I can not do anything else, this is my position,\” he said. The emperor honoredly supports a promise of safe-conduct to the Roman Assembly and then Luther part as a free man.

Despite challenge the Pope and Emperor, Luther receives the support of many local rulers in Germany. The electorate of Saxony, formed by supporters, plans to protectLuther of new attacks by means of a \”sequestration\” staged and, in seclusion in the electoral castle of Wartburg, Luther begins to translate the Bible into German. This will have a great influence on the way German is spoken. Music lover, Luther also begins to write hymns in German.

5 1525: Thousands of rebels are massacred

The agitation caused by Luther’s message resulted in rebellions by extremists largely from the Sacred Roman Empire – then begins the war of the peasants, in which the rebels are brutally crushed .

Luther, horrified with the extremist use of his message, supports the hard repression against the rebels. There is a popular disappointment with his posture, and he now relys on the ruling class to promote his reform version. The supporters of the rebellions lead their thoughts in more radical directions, rejecting the Christian consensus on the trinity or the narrow relationship between the government and church. They seekPrevious, more biblical answers.

His opponents, Catholics and Protestants, condemn them and often chase them, labeling them as Anabaptists \u0026 # 8217; (\u0026 # 8216; Rebatizers \u0026 # 8217;), since its proposal is that only adult believers are baptized, not children.

6 1530: Protestants fight between themselves

When the Roman Assembly meets in Augsburg, Luther’s political supporters (already nicknamed of \u0026 # 8220; Protestants) convinces Carlos V to consider two declarations of faith of the Reform: One of the Lutherans and another inspired by the Swiss Reformers. Carlos does not accept any of the two, but the Lutheran statement remains as Augsburg Confession \u0026 # 8217; and the spin-off between Lutherans and non-Lutheran Protestants (later known as Protestants \u0026 # 8217;) It becomes permanent.

Reformed Protestants and Successors of Huldrych Zwingli place much more emphasis than Luther in the sin of idolatry EDStretch the images in the churches – Luther quickly decides that this is a bad idea. They also have a different view over the Holy Supper. Reformed have a symbolic view of bread and Eucharistic wine, denying that these are transformed into the body and blood of Christ in a literal sense. Consequently, they reject the theology of the Eucharist as a sacrifice called \u0026 # 8216; Mass \u0026 # 8217; while Luther sustains much of the old ceremony of the Mass.

Luther and Zwingli are in Marburg in 1529 officialize your rupture. On the other hand, the two groups within Protestantism agree on two things: that the Pope is the enemy of God and that the clergy is not a privileged caste marked by celibacy; Therefore, as the laity, they could marry.

7 1536: Calvin reaches the reformers

a French religious exile, João Calvino, arrives in the city of Geneva, already experiencing chaotic reform, and becomes a preminen religious leaderYou in the Swiss city. Overcoming a lot of opposition, he establishes his own reform, receiving support from a large number of films exiled. Geneva becomes an important center in Reformed Protestantism alongside Zurich.

Calvin places a special emphasis on discipline and church government, and the results are admired throughout Europe, marked by disorder and public violence. Calvin’s colleagues also encourage a new way of making music, very different from Lutherans: it is based exclusively on Bible texts, especially the 150 Psalms of David. They are expressed in simple verses and melodies for all to sing.

With the change in the form of worshiping God, ps sung becomes a powerful symbol of the reformed Protestants, transcending local and cultural boundaries. [123 ]

8 1555: Carlos V negotiate peace with Lutherans

After nine years of war in Central Europe, Carlos V and the noble family Habsburg are FOto recognize the official existence of Lutheranism. Elsewhere, Habsburgs try to protect and revitalize Catholicism. This agreement called \u0026 # 8216; Paz de Augsburg \u0026 # 8217; It does not mention reformed Protestantism, although in the coming decades some regions of the empire have renovated rulers.

This silence creates instability and uncertainty in the religious policy of Central Europe. Around 1600, Scandinavia and most of the northern Germany become Lutherans, but the renovated churches were established in countries such as Scotland, England, Transylvania (Romania) and parts of Poland and Lithuania.

9 1558: The new Queen of England seeks the middle half

Elizabeth I succeeds the English throne and decides with Parliament in 1559 maintaining the religion agreement during its 45-year reign. Since the rupture of his father, Henry VIII, with papal obedience in 1533, the British Kingdom oscillated between Henry’s ambiguous attitude toward reform,The open support of his son Edward VI to the reform and reintroduction of Roman Catholicism by his daughter Maria.

Elizabeth is a cautious Protestant, but his clergy and counselors move with enthusiasm to continue the Reformed Protestant Trajectory of the Church Eduardo. There is not much that she can do about, besides prohibiting any new official promulgation of religious change. She insists on maintaining not only bishops, but cathedrals and ecclesial institutions in operation.

This leaves a double message for the theology of the Church of England: is Catholic or Protestant? The question has never been resolved.

The Church is united by a common English Bible (after nine decades of translations, in the King James version of 1611). From this English church grew the \u0026 # 8216; Anglicanism \u0026 # 8217; while the English Protestants who could not accept the 1662 agreement formed the free churches.

10 1563: Bishops release counter-reform

a Council of Bishops CRoman atógic gathered in Trento in northern Italy, is closed after a series of sessions initiated in 1545. The Council was able to restore self-confidence and the structure of the old Western Church after the coup of reform.

While groups arise as groups. In the religious transformation of southern Europe, who failed to find a place in the Protestant Reform, the promulgations of the Council feed the identity of the ‘contrast’, or Catholic reform, supported by the power of the monarchs – particularly in France, Poland and the Sacro Roman Empire .

Catholicism, with Portuguese and Spanish expansion in America, Africa and Asia, becomes the first world religion, based on military power against other religions where the Spanish and Portuguese authorities were established. [123 ]

11 1607: Protestants colonize North America

The first English colony to survive permanently in North America is established in Jamestown (in honor ofThe current king, Jaime Vi and I; Although the colony called Virginia, in honor of the Virgin Queen Elizabeth). The establishment of the colony announces the expansion of the English language protestantism of a small island to become a worldwide expression of the Christian faith.

Virginia is pleased to establish an official religion, which is a version of the Church of England . But to the north, a coast called \u0026 # 8220; New England \u0026 # 8221; It is founded by people deeply dissatisfied with what they consider the Papistons of the English Church.

12 1618-19: Europe Lives a destructive war

A synod of the Dutch Reformed Church meets in Dordrecht to define what the Church believes on the means of salvation, after a violent theological and political controversy resulted in victory of those who proclaim belief in divine predestination. Representatives of other renovated churches appear, including England, making this synod the closest toAn international meeting that fragmented renovated churches have already had.Not all reformed Protestants accept this and follow their own directions – a tendency in reformed protestantism.Europe are very small, but many Europeans are sick by religious violence and explore how the reason can be applied to religious belief less dogmatically.Your efforts shape a perspective that will soon be called \u0026 # 8220; Enlightenment \u0026 # 8221;.

Silas Malafaia Rebate Shepherd who said the Bible needs to welcome gays


Pastor Silas Malafaia, from the Assembly of God Victory in Christ (ADVEC), released a video to rebut statements from the leader of the White Water Baptist Church (IBAB), Ed René Kivitz.

in Content , ADVEC president did not mention the name of Ed René, but said he wanted to give a \”answer to heresy.\”

Does the Bible need to be updated? (…) These heretics, who say that the Bible has to be updated … The Bible is so current that, almost 2,000 years ago, I already spoke of them – said Malafaia.

The pastor also cited a biblical text that It says that \”in the last few days, some take care of faith.\”

Do not come here to record video giving a victim to try to justify yourself, because for a long time this comrade comes with a misrepresented theology, \”he said in still Malafaia.

This week, Kivitz was criticized for stating that the Bible needs to be updated so that gays fail to be condemned to hell.

Talk about Pope Francis about Gay Union was taken from context, says Vatican


The Vatican manifested itself on a controversial statement given by Pope Francis regarding the civil union between homosexuals. In a note, the Holy See confirmed that the Pope posed favorably to the measure, but that his statements were taken from context and that this does not change the positioning of the Catholic Church on the issue.

The Declaration of Pope Francis was Given in Francesco documentary, when the religious leader said that \”homosexual people have the right to be in a family.\”

They [homosexual people] are daughters of God and are entitled to a family. No one should be discarded or unhappy for this. What we need to create is a civil union law. In this way they are legally contemplated. I defended it – highlighted in the film.

According to the Vatican, however, the director of the documentary cut sentences in which the Pope made opposition to homosexual marriage and that his statements were referring only to the civil union and \” noto the doctrine of the Church \”.This would have caused the confusion, informed the entity.

\”For more than a year, during an interview, Pope Francis answered two distinct questions in two different moments that, at the mentioned documentary, were edited and published asOne only response, without proper contextualization, which generated confusion, \”said the document issued by the Vatican State Secretariat.


Parents Arthur forgives drunk driver who killed his son in front of the church


The small Arthur of Conceição Soares Ferreira, 3, was killed after being run over by a car on Friday night (31). The boy was hit by a drunken driver while sitting on a bench at the door of the church where the father is a pastor, in Senator Canedo, in the metropolitan region of Goiânia.

The driver, identified as Rainer Campos belt, 28, was arrested in flagrant and wore an electronic ankle tree by another crime. The Court of Goiás (TJ-GO) has converted prison into a flagrant in preventive and maintains the suspect detained.

Despite the pain of losing his son, Arthur’s father, Pastor Stannyo Soares Ferreira, said To forgive the driver.

\”My feeling is forgiveness for this boy who did this to my son. I know that human justice requires him that he pays what he did here on earth. According to the justice of men, he will have to pay, \”said Stannyo to G1.

\” But what the Bible teaches is that I devto forgive him. This is what we preach in our church, forgiveness. If I had the opportunity to get to him, I would release forgiveness for him for what he did, \”Pastor added.

Arthur’s mother, Alcione Soares Ferreira, agrees with her husband. She reminds you to have found the son \”all broken\”, but she expects the driver to \”repent\” of what you did.

\”Now there is no way. He saw the state that I took my son, he looked at him, my whole son broken, bleeding. That he can reflect and think about what he did, to repent, perhaps he has a child too and put himself in our place, \”said the mother.

Alcione was in the church when Arthur was run over and was the first to SCORE the child. The boy, who was pressed against the wall, came to be taken to the hospital, but did not resist the injuries.

According to the fire department, another five people were hit. A teenager came to be taken to Senator’s prompt serviceCaned, but there were only lightweight wounds.

Judge Christiane Gomes Falcão Wayne decided on Sunday (1st) keep Rainer arrested.She indicated that drunkenness was confirmed as a delight body exam report.

Rainer was taken to the GO-020 police station shortly after the accident, to be submitted to the breathalyzer test.He, however, refused to do so.The cops then forwarded the driver to Senator Canedo police station, where he was assigned in blatant for causing the accident.

Cantor Luciano Camargo and wife will be baptized: \”I can not wait\”


After saying that his priority is to sing for Jesus, referring to the gospel album he is producing, singer Luciano Camargo stated that it will be baptized.

The sertanejo will be baptized at the same ceremony as his wife, Flavia Camargo, renew his baptism. The singer said, in an interview with the Yahoo portal, that he waits, with great expectation, the conduct of the ceremony.

I can not wait for this moment. I am living a very great expectation.

Only those who arrived at that point that I arrived will understand what it is to be a hot Christian, with faith boiling. That’s what I am. I am with my faith boiling

Luciano also emphasized the support of the mother, Dona Helena, as fundamental to her journey of faith.

She (Flávia Camargo) is already baptized, but it was Very small when it happened and will enjoy renewing. My mother is baptized and is the greatest example of faith I have – highlighted the singer, who, along with his wife, attends the presbi churchAlphaVille would be eight years ago.

Luciano ranked the gospel album \”I give you\” as \”the greatest realization of life\”.He recalled that the album is a request made by his mother for 20 years and that he does not need the album to attract fame, for these songs were made to God.

Luciano evaluated having acquired maturity with time so that he coulddo a job only for God, without the intention of projecting.

God prepared me for me to arrive today and could do a job for him, not for me, not to project me.That is why it is the greatest realization

The singer still stated that despite the repercussion, he did not pretend to make a great dissemination of the work and who is prepared for criticism.


Campinas has a job opportunity for young people


A Digital Solutions Company from Campinas (SP) has 150 job vacancies open to the position of active sales attendant. It is not necessary to have experience in the function. The remuneration is a minimum wage, whose current value is R $ 1,045.00.

Opportunities are focused on 18-year-old men who have completed high school. In the case of men candidates, it is necessary to present the waiver of the mandatory military service.

The approved to work in the company will have access to benefits, such as transport or chartering transport, feeding / meal and also medical covenants and dental. Time of service is at 8 am and at 2pm. The selection process occurs in part next Friday (6) and also on November 13.

Source: G1 Campinas

Supreme Court of the USA heard agency case that does not let gay adopt children


According to CBN News, a case on the theme ‘Religious Freedom’ was brought to the United States Supreme Court on Wednesday (4). The case was also the first heard by the New Judge, Amy Coney Barrett, indicated for the post by President Donald Trump.

The episode involves a Philadelphia Catholic Adoption Agency, which had its services interrupted after saying to a reporter that requests for homosexuals, who wish to adopt children, would be referred to other agencies.

Authorities of Philadelphia considered that the attitude of the Agency, Catholic Social Services (CSS), was prejudiced.

Attorney General Hashim Mooppan, who defends CSS, argued that there are many other adoption agencies that accept gay couples.

There are dozens of adoption agencies available to serve gay couples in the city of Philadelphia. And there is no evidence that some gay couple never tried to use CSS as their agency – said Mooppan.

Neal Katyal, lawyer representing the city of Philadelphia, said that \”the government has extensive powers to impose conditions for institutions such as CSS. religious becket fund, representing Catholic adopted mothers who led Philadelphia to court, said \”the city telling a private religious ministry, which has been doing this work for two centuries, how to manage their home affairs and try to coerce it to make declarations Contrary to their religious beliefs. \”

According to CBN News, Philadelphia was basically demanding that the Agency forsake his biblical belief on marriage. The newspaper also highlighted that the LGBT public can seek other adoption agencies in the same city.

One of the Catholic adoptive mothers, which led the case to the court, said that the action of Philadelphia against CSS damaged children who needed families.

– It seemed that I took itA kick in the stomach on the day when he learned that the city was closing the host program of Catholic social services, despite a serious shortage of adopted families, \”said Toni Simms-Busch.

CBN also highlighted that thisIt is not an isolated case and what stories about \”governments repressing religious agencies that advocate the concept of marriage between a man and a woman\” are growing.

– There were closings of agencies across the country because of the country.Of this same problem, \”Windham said.

\u0026 # 8216; Black Friday \u0026 # 8217;must move R $ 650 million in the region of Campinas


With high expectation of 35% in the sales of Black Friday in comparison with last year, trade in the Metropolitan Region of Campinas (MRC) must move R $ 650 million this year, according to a projection of the Commercial and Industrial Association of Campinas (ACIC). Only in the metropolis, the estimated business flow is R $ 292.5 million on the date of discounts.

With the pandemic of the new coronavirus, the sales slice of the Internet should be even greater than in 2019. Evaluation of the Economist Laerte Martins, from ACIC, 60% of the RMC businesses should be carried out online, and 40% in physical stores, in street trade and malls.

in the case of Campinas, the E-commerce participation should be even greater: 62.5%.

In the evaluation of ACIC, Black Friday can become the second most important date for the sector, behind only Christmas. Because of the quarantine, trade had falling on movements on traditional dates, such as Mother’s Day, Father’s DayS, Valentine’s Day and Children’s Day.

Despite the biggest drive in the Black Friday this year, the ACIC Economy Department estimates that the average ticket is from R $ 600.00, practically the same as the yearPrevious.

In the ACIC evaluation, the products that should be sought after by consumers during Black Friday are smartphones, cell phones, television and electronics sets in general, in addition to clothing and footwear, books, toys,and imported products such as video games, cameras and camcorders.

The Metropolitan Region of Campinas (RMC) is formed by 20 municipalities.They are: American, Artur Nogueira, Campinas, Cosmopolis, Engineer Coelho, Holambra, Hortolândia, Indaiatuba, Itatiba, Jaguariúna, Monte Mor, Morungaba, New Odessa, Paulínia, Quarry, Santa Bárbara D \u0026 # 8217; West, Santo Antônio de PaunchSumaré, Valinhos and Vinhedo.

Mayor of Macapá decrees state of public calamity after


The mayor of Macapá Clécio Luís (no party) decreed at the end of the afternoon of this Thursday (5) State of public calamity in the capital for 30 days. The measure is by virtue of the blackout that takes place in 13 of the 16 municipalities of Amapá for almost 48 hours.

A second document was also signed, which authorizes 24-hour operation of fuel posts. Because of the decrees of restriction of economic activities due to the prevention of Covid-19, the sites were allowed to operate from 6h to 22h.

\u0026 # 8220; We alter the public calamity decree, was only for pandemic, due to the blackout. We are having difficulty buying other types of inputs. So the public calamity decree will help us solve problems these days while there is no definitive solution of the blackout \u0026 # 8221; explained the mayor.

was still announced the availability of six pipes trucks: two to supply hospitals and basic units ofHEALTH (UBSS) and four for capital districts, not yet specified. The water offered is not drinkable, so it should be used only in domestic chores and personal hygiene.

In addition, the safety of the streets, UBSs and schools with support from the municipal civil ward and supply system Ambulances and vehicles. Civil defense teams, social assistance and urban caretaker are also available for new rains.

The blackout was the result of a fire in an energy substation in the capital, on Tuesday night (3) . The crisis cabinet formed by the Federal Government has announced three service recovery plans.

One of them provides for the restoration of 70% of electrical energy within 48 hours. However, the other two establishes a period of 15 to 30 days for normalization.

In some districts of capital \u0026 # 8211; in the center and south zone \u0026 # 8211; and in the municipality of Santana, in the metropolitan region, they have energy, devIt was supplied by the same circuits that essential services such as hospitals and the water and sewage treatment system.Even so, the sites face oscillation in the service.

From the night of Tuesday, Amapá was affected for hours, for an intense rain, with many rays.The Integrated Center for Social Defense Operations (CIODES) reported that he received records of two people affected by electrical discharges.

The failure has been affecting the operation of fixed, mobile and internet telephone networks, which work in a waylimited.Hospitals have relyed on generators.Macapaenses has occupied malls and airport in search of energy.

Source: G1

Young Maranhense who prayed when delivering curriculum, is hired


Thousands of people were moved on social networks with the image of a young kneeling, praying in front of the urn where he deposited his curriculum, in a ferry supermarket in Maranhão. The boy’s act of faith and the commotion of the internet opened doors so that he finally had the signed work portfolio.

in March, when restrictions began to be applied due to the pandemic of Cuvid-19, Alamartiny Silva Ferreira, 23, was in search of a job. He sold strawberries on the streets of ferries, but wanted a better opportunity.

He delivered his curriculum in the urn of a supermarket of the city and knelt to pray. \”It’s hard job, I left my resume in the urn and knelt, I asked God to open the doors for me,\” he said at the time to the site reason to believe.

The vigilant who was watching the scene and showed those responsible for hiring, which immediately called him, doing an interview and asking him toMade the next day.

But because of the shutdown of commerce, the company has uncertain the proposal of employment.To help Alamartiny and his family, the reasons for Believing has launched a kitty with a target of R $ 12,430.00.In July, the value raised was Muitocntr Major – were donated R $ 20,219.00.

At the time, Alamartiny thanked everyone who helped and prayed for him.\”I thank God so much for giving me this opportunity,\” said the young man, who used the value collected to pay the house bills in recent months.

on Tuesday (3), the reasons forBelieving informed that Alamartiny finally got a job and is very happy with his signed work portfolio.\”Thank God working every day!\” He said.

Elaine Martins releases new clip from the live version of Dreaming


The Dreaming CLIP debuted on Friday (6) on the Mk Music channel on YouTube.One of Elaine Martins’s biggest successes won live version during recording of the DVD commemorative by the 20-year career of the artist.

The singer, who has surpassed the mark of 20 million plays in music streamings, launchedRecently the EP fulfills your call, with five songs, including an unprecedented one, which gives title to EP.

Let me tell you one thing: He still realizes dreams!- Bradou the singer on her youtube channel.

Check out the clip Elaine Martins \u0026 # 8211;Return to Dreaming 2020

Kuwait Society is becoming more conservative


The Kuwait Society is becoming more conservative, thus producing a more hostile environment to Christians, especially former Muslims. The government will certainly allow this to continue, as long as it does not feel challenged in the administration of power to appease the radical islamic groups in society.

The average pressure to Christians remains at a very high level, rising from 11 , 7 to 12.2 points. This increase in punctuation is mainly due to new reports and reassessment of the situation in the country compared to neighboring countries in the Gulf.

Although all spheres of life show high or very high blood pressure levels, it is higher in the Private life, family and church. This reflects, on the one hand, the difficulties of the situation for converts facing a high level of pressure from its relatives and can not have a Christian official or funeral marriage.

On the other hand, in the church is difficult for Christians converted and expatriates, since proselyand integration of ex-Muslim converts are socially unacceptable. The score for violence went from 1.5 to 0.7 mainly due to the smallest number of registered violence reports.

The Tahirih Justice Center is a non-governmental organization that provides free legal, social, doctors and references to immigrants, women and girls who are fleeing from gender and persecution violence. According to the organization, domestic abuse, especially against women, is seen as being spread in Kuwait. Domestic violence is considered a family issue, with no specific laws for this. And the authorities probably will do nothing in this.

The role of women in society is very limited. They often do not have a chance at wedding. In this type of scenery, it is not difficult to imagine what happens to Christians who work as domestic. In March 2017, a strong video was published,I walk an Ethiopian domestic falling from a window. The person who filtered did not try to help her. Broads to immigrant workers, including sexual abuse, therefore remain an important issue. Although not primarily related to faith, some claim that non-Muslim immigrant domestic workers are more vulnerable to such Muslim abuses.

Christian women remain very vulnerable, since women in general in Kuwait are treated as being inferior to men. Tribalism also affects the level of persecution experienced by converted from Islam to Christianity. This persecution affects mostly girls and women. An important legal restriction to ex-Muslim women is the fact that they can not get married legally with a non-Muslim.

Men are mainly subject to discrimination and hostility in the work environment. Through the Kafala system, foreign workers are completely dependsteeth from their employers, who make them vulnerable to slave practices.In addition, converted men are usually isolated by their families, losing their respect and financial aid.Without family help, it is difficult to seek or maintain their jobs, while marriages become almost impossible.Wives of converted men can divorce and they can also lose the custody of the children and the rights of inheritance.

Research shows that 40% of US voters believe that abortion should be illegal

A survey conducted by Fox News pointed out that about 40% of the United States voters claimed to believe that abortion should be illegal with 29% saying that it should be illegal in most cases and 12% saying it should be illegal In all cases.

According to the data collected, 35% of Americans believe that abortion should be legal in most cases, while 25% of Americans believe that abortion should be totally legal in all cases.

Preferably divided into the presidency candidate in this election of 2020, voters who stated that abortion should be illegal in all cases, 81% voted at President Trump, and for those who thought that abortion should Be illegal in most cases, 77% voted for President Trump. Curiously, about 1 in 5 Biden voters (18%) He thought abortion should be illegal in all cases, and was almost the same for illegal in most cases (21%).

the colorWith data collected by Gallup in its historical trend report on abortion, in May 2020, 70% of Americans declared to believe that abortion should be legal only in certain circumstances or illegal in all circumstances.

This trend occurs at a time when a report from the American Public Health Association (‘American Public Health Association’) points out that about 1 in 4 women has already made an abortion at least once in a lifetime. This is mainly due to unplanned pregnancies, which represent about half of all abortions.

However, abortions are generally falling, since the Guttmacher Institute reports that abortions are reaching their levels more Low of all time, which means that fewer people, as a whole, are making abortions than in previous years.

The abortion rate triggered in the years immediately after the legalization of abortion with decisions about Cases’ ROE VS. Wade ‘and’ doe vs.Balton ‘, taken by the Supreme Court of the US, who revoke laws that previously became illegal abortion.

Because President Donald Trump appointing pro-life judges and conservatives for the Supreme Court, theorizes that there would be judgesenough to have the majority and make abortion illegal again, if the case came to the Supreme Court.

The Democratic candidate Joe Biden, during a previously held Sabbath for the day of the election, was in favor of making theROE VS.Wade a national law, making it difficult for abortion to be illegal in the US to be a \”right\” guaranteed to all pregnant women who were in a situation in which \”the fetus is no longer feasible.\”

After five days of blackout, energy begins to return in neighborhoods of Macapá and Santana


Amapá reached the 5th day of energetic blackout. During the night and the morning of this Saturday (7), the supply of energy was resumed in most of the neighborhoods of capital and in some areas of Santana, in the Metropolitan Region of Macapá.

The Ministry of Mines and Energy He informed that he could connect the Amapá Network to the National Interconnected System (SIN). Already the Company of Electricity of Amapá (CEA) announced that it will have a rotation of energy to meet the inhabitants.

Almost 90% of the population of Amapá – about 765 thousand people – it was without electric power on Tuesday. (3). A fire reached the main substation of the State, which feeds 13 of the 16 cities Amapaenses. With the lack of electricity, there were problems in the supply of drinking water and still telecommunications failures, as well as queues at the fuel stations and trade losses.

Despite the return of the service in most regions of the capital, in the west zone the energy is not yetVia aimed at the beginning of the morning. In the Macapaba set, in the north, electricity arrived, but the supply was suspended again. Also in Santana, the residents stated that they were out of energy. . On Friday (6), a Brazilian Air Force plane (FAB) arrived with equipment to help this return.

In a note on the morning of this Saturday, the MME reported that the repairs in one of the transformers of the Macapá substation, which allowed the gradual beginning of customer service to Amapaenses consumers. Still according to MME, up to 9:30 p.m., 33% of the typical load for the time was being met.

The Company of Electricity of Amapá (CEA), which accompanies the process and makes the distribution of energy in the State , decided to make a rotation of energy. A schedule of how this will happen should be announced aindOn this Saturday.

\u0026 # 8220; CEA established a list of electrical circuits that would enter this energy was made available. [\u0026 # 8230;] We remind you that for system security is not equal to connect a switch. These are very complex issues. Security is required not to cause instability in the system \u0026 # 8221;, declared CEA, Marcos Pereira,

on Friday, Domingos Andreatta, Deputy Secretary of Electric Energy of the Ministry of Mines and Energy ( MME), reported that the transformer started at night the test for energization. If the process of this right, the body guarantee energy for almost 70% of the state still on Saturday.

\u0026 # 8220; we were following all the actions so that we could return with the transformer, which is available In the substation so that it can be energized between today and tomorrow [\u0026 # 8230;]. The expectation is that we can meet, with the energizing and [the hydroelectric] Coaracy NuneS, around 60% to 70% of the load \u0026 # 8221;, informed, early in the evening, in an interview for the press.

Andreatta did not detail, however, which areas would initially be energized in the state.

\”The idea is that, from the beginning of the treatment of oil, from 6 to 8 hours we will have the result if we can energize this transformer, or not.The machine was still heating, and the oil had not yet begun to be filtered.Another filtering machine is coming so that we can accelerate the process \u0026 # 8221; detailed.

Source: G1

President Bolsonaro participates in the baptism of daughter Laura of 10 years


The youngest daughter of President Jair Bolsonaro, Laura, 10-year-old, was baptized on Saturday morning (7), in the Batista Church (IBA) of Brasilia.The ceremony took place in a farmhouse in the federal capital and was attended by the Chief Executive and the First Lady Michelle Bolsonaro.

Baptism was held by Pastor Claudir Machado, leader of the Church in Brasilia.Bolsonaro arrived at the place of the ceremony around 9:15 p.m., Michelle, arrived a few minutes before the spouse.On social networks, Bolsonaro registered the moment and left a message for her daughter.

The relationship of the Bolsonaro family, especially the first lady, with the Baptist Church attitude is already close since the family still lived in Rio.of January.It was the IBA of the capital Fluminense, located in Barra da Tijuca, Zona west of Rio, Michelle attended in the period when she lived in the city.

Drivers can request the reimbursement of the amount paid more to DPVAT


Conductors may request the refund of up to R $ 72.00 of the amount paid more by the required insurance DPVAT.

In the State, from 913,600 people fit to receive, 674 thousand have not yet requested the insurer Leader, DPVAT administrator. After reviewing the decision of the Federal Supreme Court (STF) on 9 January, the insurance rate that protects drivers in cases of traffic accidents became cheaper.

The refund goes from R $ 10.98, In the case of cars, reaching R $ 72,28, for motorcycles. The orientation is that the refund is made this year later. The refund can be requested by the site. After the registration, the refund is processed within two business days.

CPF or CNPJ of the vehicle owner; Renated from the vehicle; e-mail and contact telephone; Date in which the largest payment was made; value paid; Bank, Agency and current account or savings account of the vehicle owner.

Through the site it is also possible to follow the progressof the process, using the request number generated to the end of sending the request.The refund is made by bank deposit, exclusively in the current account or savings of the owner of the vehicle.

According to the insurer, the tax is a compulsory insurance of social nature that protects the more than 210 millionBrazilians in cases of traffic accidents, without clinging of guilt.Any rugged citizen in national territory can use the service, whether driver, passenger or pedestrian.

These are three types of coverage: death (R $ 13,500.00), permanent disability (from R $ 135.00 to R$ 13.500.00) and reimbursement of medical and supplementary expenses (up to R $ 2,700.00).The protection is ensured for a period of up to three years.

Leaders who prophesied their Trump victory, they say they did not deceive


Although projections already point to Joe Biden would be the new president-elect in the United States (US), while Donald Trump points out that the election was stolen, leaders who prophesied his victory claim that they did not understand badly and that It was over.

Several prophecies were released by American evangelical leaders pointing out that the current president would be re-elected, but the results ended up pointing to a Republican defeat. Although these predictions seem to have failed, they claim that it is necessary to wait, it is not over, there are still more things to happen.

Kat Kerr is one of those who said that the prophets did not miss, but reports that God would be if Preparing to expose corruption and evil and that will be done overwhelmingly. She said that Trump will be the president despite the results released.

\”The rocks are about to move and Trump will be the president, no matter what you hear,\” Kerr said. \”It’s going to start with a phoneMa and I can tell you, you will be shocked to see how much exposure comes from this, but Trump will win, he will be the president of the United States, he will sit in that office for another 4 years and God will have his way in this country. \”

She is not alone, just like her, Jeremiah Johnson believes that before Trump is declared the winner, former Vice President Biden can prematurely advertise that he is the next president of the country. In his evaluation, or dozens of prophetic voices are with a \”lying spirit\” or trump really won.

\”Or a lying spirit filled the mouth of numerous prophetic voices trusted in America or Donald J. Trump really won The Presidency and we are witnessing a diabolical and malignant plan unfolding to steal the election, \”he said according to CBN News.

Johnson dreamed earlier this year Trump was participating in a race he believed the election, but that stumbled and fell in the 100 meters finAIS.He reported that in the dream the crowd was spitting at the American president, but he ended up getting up supernatural.

\”I believe God is calling the baby boomers in this nation to take his position and believe me that the best stillIt’s coming, \”said Johnson.

Pat Robertson, founder of CBN, also stated that Trump would win.\”I mean without questioning, Trump will win the election,\” said Robertson during a transmission of the 700 Club.

The most curious prophecy was that of Lance Wallnau, a well-known speaker and American author, who would have predictedThe victory of Donald Trump through the Supreme Court of the Country.He also predicted that the process will be tumultuous and that the result will happen after the election is contested in the Supreme Court.

Source: GospelPrime

Protestant church of the Netherlands publicly recognizes having contributed with anti-Semitism in the Holocaust


The Protestant Church of the Netherlands (PKN) admitted for the first time he remained silent as Jews were persecuted during World War II, contributing to the climate of anti-Semitism in the European country.

The confession must be Public Tornada Next Sunday, November 8, Date in which the \”Kristallnacht\” is celebrated in Portuguese night of crystals, in memory at the beginning of the Nazi persecution that led to the genocide of about 6 million Jews, according to the newspaper Christian Trouw.

\”We fail to speak openly and remain silent in the actions and omissions, in our attitude and our thoughts,\” said official statement the Secretary-General of PKN, Rene de Reuver.

123] \”During the years of war, the Church authorities often did not have the courage to choose the side of the Jewish inhabitants of our country,\” said

less than a third of the 140,000 Jews who lived in the Holland survived the Second War MuNDIAL. Many citizens, as well as the Dutch police, actively conspired with the Nazis to arrest Jews and deport them for extermination camps during World War II.

This included Anne Frank, which was arrested in 1944 after two years Hidden and sent to Germany, where he died at the age of 15 in the concentration camp of Bergen-Belsen, shortly before the end of the war.

PKN will not make an apology, choosing, instead, Admit his guilt for not having done more to prevent hatred from the Jews to spread.

\”It’s the deepest word you can use to designate failure,\” said Reuver. \”We do not distance ourselves from the past, but we take our responsibility and recognize our mistakes.\”

The admission of the Church takes place after a first official apology of the Dutch Government by persecution of the Jews during the war, made at the beginning of this Year by the Prime Minister of Holland, Mark Rutte.

The former prime minister of the country, Wim Kok, apologized in 2000 for the \”Cold Welcoming\” that the survivors of the Nazi field received in his return to the Netherlands, occupied by the Nazis from 1940 to 1945.

About 15% of the Dutch population or about 2.5 million people are Protestants, according to the central office of government statistics.Of these, Kerk Nederland is the largest representative body and also a member of the World Council of Churches.

Candidates with goods greater than R $ 300 thousand received emergency aid


In Natal 67 Candidates for Council, mayor and deputy mayor in Rio Grande do Norte received some portion of the emergency aid until July of this year even though declared a patrimony equal to or greater than R $ 300 thousand. The data from the Court of Auditors of the Union (TCU). There are cases where the declared equity of the candidate surpasses R $ 2 million.

Of the 67 Candidates of the RN, 11 are candidates for deputy mayor and 3 to mayor. According to TCU, all the detected benefits have been canceled. The list shows that only 13 candidates canceled the benefits spontaneously. The TCU blocked the others.

The Municipality of the RN that appears most on the TCU list is Christmas, with 7 names for the position of Alderman. Mossoró appears with 4 candidates, while Parnamirim, Santo Antônio and Bulls have 3 each.

Cerro Corá, Doctor Severiano, Extremoz, Macaíba, Nísia Forest, Santa Maria and Senador Elói de Souza have 2 candidates with names in the list .

The municipalitiesappear only with only one candidate are: Arez, Assú, Baía Formosa, Baraúna, Brejinho, Caiçara of the Wind River, Caraúbas, Thick, Guamaré, Ipanguaçu, Jaçanã, Jandaíra, Lajes, Luís Gomes, Macau, Marcelino Vieira, Maxaranguape, Mountains,Pasro, Riachuelo, Santa Cruz, Santana do Matos, São Gonçalo do Amarante, São José de Mipibu, São José do Campestre, São Paulo do Potengi, São Tomé, Serra do Mel, Severiano Melo, Taipu, TangaráTibau do Sul.

The list available contains the data intersection carried out by TCU and the Ministry of Citizenship.

Source: G1

Bruna Karla launches clip \”I give you my weaknesses\”


The singer Bruna Karla released on Tuesday (20) The song \”I give you my weaknesses\”. Composition of Anderson Freire, the song that brings a message of faith and delivery to the Lord, is already available on the main digital platforms and clip, in the Mk Music channel on YouTube.

Bruna Karla is a young veteran with four Indications to Latin Grammy, 19 years of career and one of gospel artists with a greater number of youtube views (more than 400 million views in the last 12 months) and streaming platforms (are 115 million plays in Spotify and 1.5 million Followers at Deezer).

His discography brings together 9 unpublished albums (including a child), a DVD, an audiobook and EP I believe (his first unpublished project recorded). Literally, she grew up singing and conquering hearts, maintaining her simplicity and charisma. \”My desire is that people do not doubt that he loved us in the past and loves us now … it’s beautiful! I’m sure in2020 Let’s sing a lot this song … as the Lord loves us and we are precious to him, \”desires the singer.

Christian Missionary Harvest 5 thousand conversions, after husband’s death


Making missions is a challenge for Christians who dedicate their lives for the love of the gospel of Jesus Christ, especially when this requires great displacements for isolated regions of the world, such as Malkangiri, India, where a missionary has experienced the supernatural of God After the death of her husband.

As in the region Christians are also victims of religious intolerance, the real name of the missionary was not revealed, but only his testimony. She became a doctor with specialization in tropical areas, which turned a help tool to the next.

\”There were 27 hours of jeep travel. I had never seen a village. There was no piped water or electricity. I had to redo the cow dung floor every three days, \”she said, remembering that she entered despair at the moment she came across the precarious conditions of the place.\”

\”God spoke to me and said that Jesus was born in a shed of cows, in the midst of cow driver. I stopped cryingR \”, completed the missionary.

As if not enough the difficulty of the region, the missionary also had to face the mourning for the death of his husband, also missionary. He became seriously ill and ended up not resisting.

\”His kidneys were not working well and went south to the hospital. Paul made an operation and died in the middle of her. I was shocked. I cried a lot, was 42 years old and four small children, \”she recalls.

The missionary said she received many advice from friends and family so that she did not return to Malkangiri. However, she had already learned to face the difficulties for the love of the Gospel, as well as her husband, and decided to persevere in missionary work.

\”Nine days after [of her husband’s death], we entered a jeep. And we returned to the village and the people of Malkangiri. I went back to seeing patients from sunrise at sunset, \”she said.

With the return of the missionary, thousands of people realized his love for the community.And, what ended up generating a very favorable impact on the proclamation of the gospel, for the population saw in his example of abdication the very character of Christ Manifesto.

\”In six months, we had 36 people asking for baptism.And now there are 5,000 believers in Malkangiri, \”she said, according to Eternity News information.

\” I learned that God works in ways we do not expect.Sometimes God takes you through very difficult things, to train you for better things.At the moment, I am in the Malkangiri district, isolated due to Covid, and ours is a red zone.Jesus helped me complete 49 years here, \”he concludes.

Source: GospelMais

Joe Biden makes victory speech as president elected from the US


Elected President of the United States, Democrat Joe Biden said on Saturday (7), who intends to unite the country. In his speech of victory, in the city of Wilmington, in the state of Delaware, Biden defended science, thanked the support of the black community, women and said that America now lives the \u0026 # 8221; .

\u0026 # 8220; Tonight the whole world is looking at America. I believe in our best. America is a lighthouse for the world with your best. We will lead not only by the example of our power, but also by the power of our example. \u0026 # 8221;

Biden, when arriving for speech, was received with an \u0026 # 8220; – As a preventive measure against the new coronavirus, the event occurs in \u0026 # 8220; Drive-in \u0026 # 8221; When he started speech, he thanked for the vote: 74 million votes, a record in US history.

\u0026 # 8220; I need to admit that I was surprised tonight when I see all over the country, all the cities, all parts of the country, including worldwide, an explosion of joy, hope and renewed faith. And tomorrow will be a better day \u0026 # 8221;, said.

The President-elect also asked Union and that Donald Trump voters, defeated in the attempt to reelect, \u0026 # 8220; abandon the aggressive rhetoric \u0026 # 8221;

\u0026 # 8220; to all of you who voted for President Trump: I understand your frustration. I lost a few times. Let’s give each other a chance, \”said Biden.

\u0026 # 8220; I will not save any effort, no compromise to get around and defeat this pandemic. I am a proud democrat, but I will rule as an American president. Our work is very hard for all those who did not vote for me and also for those who voted. Let’s end this demonization in America. Let’s do this ending here and now. \u0026 # 8221;

The President-elect also asked Union and that the voters of Donald Trump, defeatFrom the attempt to reelection, \u0026 # 8220; abandon the aggressive rhetoric \u0026 # 8221;.

\u0026 # 8220; to all of you who voted for President Trump: I understand your frustration.I lost a few times.Let’s give each other a chance, \”said Biden.

\u0026 # 8220; I will not save any effort, no compromise to get around and defeat this pandemic.I am a proud democrat, but I will rule as an American president.Our work is very hard for all those who did not vote for me and also for those who voted.Let’s end this demonization in America.Let’s do this to end here and now. \u0026 # 8221;

Source: G1

Ton Carfi is launching the clip \u0026 # 8220; if you embarrass why? \u0026 # 8221;


Last Tuesday (27), Ton Carfi launched the auto song \”If you embarrass you?\”, Which already has a video clip.

The track is part of the album \”Triad\”, Recorded live and with the presence of the public, on the afternoon of September 18, 2019, on YouTube Space, located in Pier Mauá, Rio de Janeiro (RJ).

The singer and composer reported that he wrote this Composition based on the text of Romans 1.16, who says, \”I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ, because it is the power of God for the salvation of all who believes.\”

\”The Gospel of Christ is perfect, The word of Christ is perfect. So this song comes to say that we should never be ashamed of the gospel of Christ and Lord Himself, \”he said.

In addition to the disclosure of the album\” Triad \”, Ton Carfi has also been dedicated to developing a project of lives, in which it shares a Bible study and now with people connected by social networks.

The project has generated as many fruits thatThe singer already thinks of preparing a face-to-face event and realizes it when possible.

\”I have a great expectation to make a great face-to-face event of the ‘morning with God’.Pray for this, \”says the singer.

Click on the video above to check the clip to\” If you embarrass why? \”

Former sorcerer talks about liberation ‘many are imprisoned for lack of knowledge’


Ex-Boxer Curtis Kelley had a strong bond with witchcraft before converting to Christianity. After realizing that most Christians do not know the spiritual strategies of Satan, he began to dedicate himself to teaching in the Ministry of Liberation.

\”Since I was in that somber situation, God told me to bring this information for the table, \”Curtis said, also known as Earthquake Kelley, who has been at the leading station

today, Curtis, 64, became an international prelector and teaches zoom in to teach about battle spiritual. It is to launch release schools, called Deliverance 101, in the main cities of the United States.

\”It’s not just a lot of shouting and throwing. We need to understand the word of God to know how to fight these demons, \”he told GOD Reports. \”The enemy does not want the body of Christ to be educated about what he does and who he uses.\”

\”The LIBEIt is not a 40-yard race, it is a marathon. It may take a while to get around the track and learn these things. Many people give up for lack of knowledge. The Church is not taught to fight, \”adds Curtis.

Born in a family of Haitian immigrants in New York, Curtis was heir of the family legacy in witchcraft, being the seventh born within the religion. He learned a lot about the occultism, but when he saw demons coming in and out of his house, he decided that he wanted to leave.

Even unwilling, he decided to visit revival cults in December 1971. In the third, the evangelist. He called: \”Young, God wants to save you. God says: \u0026 # 8216; I love you. I want to save you \u0026 # 8217; \”Remember Curtis. \”I did not want anything with the church because I thought they were weak. But when I heard that God loved me, I climbed the altar. \”

Curtis also has his life marked by boxing. He was a fight fighter and caught the attention of the promoter Don King, that inHe fried as a boxer overweight over with Mike Tyson, which was from the heavyweight category.

He began to experience some success, but a car accident in 1986 ended his career in sport.

Curtis entered the ministry and began to lead a drug rehabilitation program in a Los Angeles church in the early 1990s. Years later, he had the opportunity to teach liberation and demonology at the University of Southern California.

Curtis pastored a church in Hollywood between 2004 and 2009 and later led a congregation in New York.Currently, he has been motivated to teach more about the theme of liberation to Christians around the world.

\”My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge,\” says Curtis, citing the biblical text of Hosea 4: 6.\”My people are imprisoned for lack of knowledge.The enemy is not being duly challenged in the Church. \”

Source: Guiame

Sophia Victoria launches his third work by MK Music


Sophia Vitória singer, Mirim talent revealed in 2018, launches her third job by MK Music.He hears me is an unpublished partnership with singer Leandro Borges, who composed, produced and lent his voice in a duet with the singer.

The single and the clip speak about prayer and intimacy with God.Sophia declares being happy and very grateful for the partnership.

I am grateful to God for taking care of me and for listening to me in all my prayers.Thank God for everything!Gratitude also to my friend Leandro Borges for all affection and for honor to record this beautiful and wonderful clip with him.

In a Live on his Instagram, the singer told behind the scenes of recordings and between thanks includedThe Senator Arolde de Oliveira.

Watch the Sophia Vitória \u0026 # 8211 clip;He hears me

Pastor Bible Translator is shot dead in Indonesia


A Christian pastor and translator of the Bible murdered in the eastern Indonesian region in Papua was also tortured by the military officer who killed him to shots as he revealed a new investigative report. Information from CNN Indonesia.

Last Monday (2), the Indonesian Human Rights Commission (Komnas Ham) said a research team believed that at the end of September the military tortured Yeremia Zanambani, the pastor of the Tabernacle Church of the Gospel of Indonesia (Gkii), trying to get information on stolen arms of stolen military, informed CNN Indonesia.

The 67-year-old pastor, known to translate the Bible to Papua’s moni dialect was later found by his wife, lying on his stomach in one pigs, with bullet wounds and his almost severed left arm.

The report described the murder on 19 September as \”Extrajudicial\” and revealed that injuries causedR a pointed weapon were also found in the late pastor.

\”[The discoveries] are based on the victim’s account, given at least two witnesses before dying, that he saw the soldier in the crime scene along with Three or four other soldiers, \”said Mohammad Choirul Anam, Komnas Ham Commissioner, according to UCA News.

\” The death of Reverend Yeremia Zanambani was caused by a series of acts that led to an extrajudicial murder \” , Anam said, adding that the pastor died due to blood loss.

The incident occurred amid the growing tension between military and separatist groups in Papua, the poorest province of the country. The region has been tormented by disorders since the approval of a referendum supported by the United Nations in 1969, called the act of free choice, which formalized the control of Indonesia on the former Dutch colony.

At the time, the military Indonesians and Papua separatists blamed each other for death dand Zanambani, which occurred shortly after the murder of a soldier in the area.

The murder of Pastor Zanambani generated indignation among local Christians, with the Church Communion of Indonesia asking the president of the country, Joko Widodo, a In the case of the report released on Monday, the Indonesian Human Rights Commission said he has recommended Widow and Security Minister who, in addition to finding those responsible for the death of the Pastor , witnesses should be protected. The body also emphasized that efforts should be made to ensure a lesser-oriented approach to area policing.

\”civilians become victims after being suspected of joining separatist groups by the TNI (Indonesian army) or the Police, \”said Beka Ulung Hapsara, Komnas Ham Commissioner, Reuters.

The military spokesman, Colonel Gusti Nyoman Suroustawa, also said that an investigation is in progress and thatIt will punish any police officer if he is guilty.

Rev. Jacklevyn Frits Manuputty, Secretary-General of Church Communion in Indonesia, told UCA News that the Indonesian Human Rights Commission findings support theFrom the facts calculation team.

\”We must continue to press the Government to resolve this case, as it may open way to other investigations in unresolved cases in the region.It is a chance for the government to regain the confidence of Papua’s people, \”he said.

According to Asia News, Pastor Zanambani’s death made about 1,100 residents of Hitadipa fleeing for forests.

More than 80% of Papua’s population identifies as a Christian, contrasting with predominantly Muslim Indonesia.The Mission Open Doors (USA) classifies Indonesia among the 50 countries where it is harder to be a Christian.

Fábio Porchat from the back door engages in a new controversy


Fabio porchat received a prize of the Brazilian Association of Automavers (Open) by the film the first temptation of Christ, produced by Netflix. By receiving him, the actor and screenwriter recalled the episode of attempted censorship and the attack on the headquarters of the funds as a result of the Christmas special with Jesus being portrayed as a gay man.

\”At the door of the Funds we do not see controversy in this special. Being gay is not a problem, it’s not a fault, it’s not a matter of character. Being gay is a feature. So Jesus being gay does not deposure against Jesus. On the contrary, \”he began.

Porchat explained the placement. \”I’m sure if Jesus came back, and I’m sure he tried, he would have gained gay, transvestite, woman, black and would have died in three days, and not in 33 years,\” said Porchat.

He still He talked about the next novelty of the back door. \”And if they try to be intimidated by saying that we can not say anything, that we should not touch neSte subject, know that December 10 debut the Christmas special of the back door on YouTube called ‘Vertigo Teocracy’.Be attentive because we do not shut up.We will not shut up, \”he emphasized.

Source: Metroples

Energy begins to be resumed in some regions of Amapá


Federal Court has determined on Saturday night (7) the period of three days for the blackout in Amapá to be completely solved, with 100% of the re-established electricity, under penalty of a fine of R $ 15 million.

In the document, signed by Judge João Bosco Soares, it is also decided that the private company isolux, responsible for the administration of the substation, must present within 12 hours an actions plan for the restoration of service and should receive contractual sanctions. The company has not yet been pronounced on the decision.

A working group with the Ministry of Mines and Energy, Eletronorte, Isolux and Amapá Electricity Company (CEA).

This Sunday (8), the state completes more than 100 hours without the service. On Saturday (7), energy has returned partially in some regions of the State,OM 65% of the service and shifty of 6 hours. The schedule of the delivery times and suspension has not yet been disclosed to the population.

The blackout arrives on Sunday (8) for more than 100 hours without the service, having returned on a partial Saturday morning, [123 ]


\” The supply of electric power, drinking water, telephony and internet signals, consubstantiating the existential minimum \u0026 # 8221;, declared the magistrate in decision.

Creation, up to 12h, working Ministry of Mines and Energy, Eletronorte, Isolux and CEA; that Isolux presents, within 12 hours, an actions plan for the immediate solution of the problem (fine of 100 thousand reais in the event of noncompliance); application of contractual sanctions to isolux; That Aneel andEletronorte proves in the records, within 5 days, which regularly monitored the contract with Isolux; presentation of the contract and amounts paid in the last 12 months between Eletronorte and Isolux and with the company responsible for supervision; TCU inquiryof the PF; 3-day term for the complete solution of the problem of the lack of electricity, under penalty of a fine of 15 million reais.

Even with the partial return of the service, the cities reached, especially the capital of Amapá,They follow in precarious situation, with lack of food, many of them lost for lack of refrigeration.

Source: G1

Situation of Amapá, which suffers with blackout, is far from normalized


It was disclosed on Sunday afternoon (8) the electric power supply caster schedule in the 13 cities of Amapá affected by Tuesday night blackout (3). The alternation in the service happens until the completion of the total restoration in the State, provided for by the Ministry of Mines and Energy for the next weekend, without definite day.

The division was made by the Company of Electricity of Amapá (CEA ) And the system works lasting at least 6 hours for each region, because, according to CEA, only about 65% of the electrical system capacity was restored. In some places, the light has not even returned.

Neighborhoods and regions in the surroundings of hospitals and essential services in Macapá and Santana will have the supply maintained 24 hours. The return of the supply was possible after repairing one of the transformers damaged in the fire that reached the main substation of the State.

CEA’s Director-President Marcos Pereira, recommendedWhich electronic devices are disconnected, out of the plugs, to ensure security in this resumption of energy.

Energy has an impulse to return, which can cause burning of the appliances \u0026 # 8221; commented Pereira.

The manager added that the caster system must continue until the arrival of another transformer who, according to the Ministry of Mines and Energy (MME), must begin to be disassembled on Sunday to be sent to Macapá within 15 days.

\”We remind you that for system security, it is not equal to connect a switch . These are very complex issues. Security is required not to cause instability in the system \u0026 # 8221;, declared Pereira, to CBN radio.

CEA stated that supply can improve according to electrical system support measures during the week, such as the use of generators and increase productionof the Coaracy Nunes plant, in addition to the rational use of the residents.

Source: G1

Manú Paiva launches one more work by MK Music


Last week, singer Manú Paiva launches one more work by MK Music: The Single Embrace of the Father. The song has the authorship of Mario Jordan.

Manú repeats the partnership of his first success the burning bush, with Agner Magalhães in musical production and Jairo Bonfim in vocal production. Producer Agner commented on Instagram about the honor of this work and bradou \”will eternalize!\”

In early afternoon today, the singer realized Live in her profile on Instagram interacting with fans and giving opportunity For those who have already learned to sing the chorus.

Manú also marked the profile of MK Music and told about the conception of the clip, which was also released today. Without giving too many spoilers, the singer invited the fans to watch and advance that the clip portrays the concept of seasons of the year, according to the passage \”In all seasons he is God of Miracles\”.

– I am very happy with The message that this song and this clip has already transmitted in people’s lives.It’s a song that brings a lot of hope, with a message of mood and about having faith in the Lord and waiting in it.Do not discourage the dark nights and difficult phases, for God continues to be faithful.